Engineer, Writer, Producer, Programmer.
   Safe & Sound Communications

      "vaporvoyce 1986 to 1990"

                    Remixed and remastered, 2018

                                Song Info:               

         SHADOW of DOUBT:  Antkowiak

      ETCHED in STONE (with reprise) : ANTKOWIAK, RAITHEL & KALLAY

             **  "Etched in Stone reprise" was written by Antkowiak and Raithel and recorded @ Safe & Sound, around 1999 when it was later placed onto the end of "Etched in Stone".

         Robert Raithel: Nylon String, Acoustic and Lead guitars.

        Richard Kallay: Acoustic, Lead guitar and Moog Bass pedals.

       Jack Antkowiak: Keyboards, Lead Synths, Sampler, Bass Synths & all Drum Programming.

       Godspeed:  ANTKOWIAK & LASKER

              NOTE: To view the lyrics of the song, click on the music note icon,  just to the right of the volume control.

         * Herb Haller: Lead guitar (Intro)

       Robert Raithel: Nylon, 12 string & Lead guitar.

        Wendy Lasker: Vocals, Synth. 

     Jack Antkowiak: Keyboards, Synths, Bass Synths, Bass Guitar & all Drum Programming.

         Fred Betschen: Additional percussion.

           * (Godspeed, in Memory of my good friend Herbie Haller)

                                      ALL SONGS:

RECORDED @ Mark Custom Recording Services, Clarence, NY  (1986 to 1990)

(Engineered by Fred Betschen ) ** Except "Etched in Stone (reprise)" Recorded @ Safe & Sound Comm.

ANALOG to DIGITAL Transfer @ Sonicraft, Red Bank, NJ   (in 2017) -

MIXED & MASTERED @ Safe & Sound Communications, Lake View, NY -