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      "vaporvoyce 1986 to 1990"

                    Remixed and remastered, 2018

              This begins a while ago, actually in 1983..........................when I took a break from performing. 

              I decided to expand my musical & technical abilities (which at the time were focused on bass guitar) and to study the skills of and to then be proficient at:

             Keyboards, Subtractive and Additive Programming Analog & Digital Synths / Sound Design, Analog to Digital Sampling, Drum & Computer Programming/Sequencing (I.e. The Birth of MIDI - 1983), Analog and Digital multi-track recording, Rhythm and  Lead guitars.

            With the knowledge gained from extending my musical techniques, I could then comfortably begin to write, again.            

            These three songs which I have posted here, were written and recorded between band lineups of  VaporVoyce 1986 to 1990

            In the Late-1990's I created Safe & Sound Communications which began with digital Recording of local Artists for Compact Disc duplication and distribution.

            In 2008 I began modifying and setting up electric guitars, amplifier modifications and repair, effects processor modifications and repairs, keyboards and synthesizer repair.

            In 2016,  I then began to  formally study and practice the audio art of mixing and mastering to;

            A.) offer these services 

            B.) and to bring the three Analog recordings (VaporVoyce 1986 to 1990) back from the iron oxide grave and into today's digital existence.

            To do this, I had acquired the Analog-2 inch, 24 Track Reel to Reel Tapes, that were recorded @ Mark  Custom Studios, Clarence, NY

            I then Mixed and Mastered the three songs here @ Safe & Sound Communications, Lake View, NY

                                  Song Info: VaporVoyce  1986 to 1990                 

                             SHADOW of DOUBT:  

      ETCHED in STONE (with reprise) : ANTKOWIAK, RAITHEL & KALLAY

                I wrote "Shadow of Doubt" in 1987 and in 1988 I began to collaborate with Robert Raithel and Richard Kallay, to see where things would go musically. In reflection, the best part was the great friendships that we all had and the creativity that crystallized into original song. 

               Robert & Rich added the Nylon & Acoustic GTR intro to "Shadow of Doubt" which proved to be a brilliant and fitting introduction to the song, along with their rhythm and lead guitar parts in the main body.

               "Etched in Stone" was written collectively around 1990 at which point we booked studio time at  

Mark Custom Recording Services to record "Shadow of Doubt" , "Etched in Stone" along with "M.E.D."

which "most regrettably" never made it onto tape (save for the drums) during the scheduled recording sessions...pity, as it by far is the most aggressive and unique writing of the collaboration. Maybe some day we'll get it recorded.

             **  "Etched in Stone (reprise)" was written by Antkowiak and Raithel and recorded @ Safe & Sound, around 1999 when it was later placed onto the end of "Etched in Stone".

         Robert Raithel: Nylon String, Acoustic and Lead guitars.

        Richard Kallay: Acoustic, Lead guitar and Moog Bass pedals.

       Jack Antkowiak: Keyboards, Lead Synths, Sampler, Bass Synths & all Drum Programming.

       Godspeed:  ANTKOWIAK & LASKER

             Was written between 1985 - 86.

             I had written the music for "Godspeed" and thought it should have lyrics***vocals.

So I asked my friend and vocalist/musician "Wendy Lasker" to see if she would like to try and come up with a melody and lyrics for the song. And she responded saying..... "Okay.......what's it about"?

              I discussed the conceptual meaning that I had envisioned for the song with Wendy and within a few days, she came back with a draft, which we recorded at my studio. She had fit the melodies perfectly to the song and we then collectively "tweaked" the lyrics, to  clarify the  intended meaning. 

   ***To view the Lyrics for "Godspeed", just click on the music "Note/Staff "  icon, located to the right of the volume icon.

             (Meanwhile) - In 1986 Wendy was working at Mark Custom Recording Services in Clarence NY and had acquired "24 Track, Studio Time & Tape" and offered that we should record "Godspeed".


            I then enlisted the services of some good friends and musicians to play on the recording, which forever are:

         * Herb Haller: Lead guitar (Intro)

       Robert Raithel: Nylon, 12 string & Lead guitar.

        Wendy Lasker: Vocals, Synth. 

     Jack Antkowiak: Keyboards, Synths, Bass Synths, Bass Guitar & all Drum Programming.

         Fred Betschen: Additional percussion.

           * (Godspeed, in Memory of my good friend Herbie Haller)

                                      ALL SONGS:

RECORDED @ Mark Custom Recording Services, Clarence, NY  (1986 to 1990)

(Engineered by Fred Betschen ) ** Except "Etched in Stone (reprise)" Recorded @ Safe & Sound Comm.

DIGITAL Transfer @ Sonicraft, Red Bank, NJ   (in 2017) -

MIXED & MASTERED @ Safe & Sound Communications, Lake View, NY - 

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