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                   Composer, Programmer, Sound Design, Audio Engineer
SAFE & Sound Communications

 "The VoYce of the Silence"



Song Info:              

                 1.) Nothing at the Moment : ANTKOWIAK & RAITHEL 

                     Robert Raithel:  Arrangement 

              Jack Antkowiak: All instruments

                2.) Four Winds : Antkowiak

                     NOTE: To view the lyrics of the song, click on the music note icon,  just to the right of the volume control.

                   Diane Kallay: Lead vocal

             Wendy Lasker: Backing vocal

             Robert Raithel: Acoustic Guitar

             Jack Antkowiak: Backing vocal, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar,

                                          Bass Guitar, Accordion, Keyboards, Harmonica,

                                          Jaw-Harp, Drum & Percussion Programming.


             3.) Aurora 9:52  ...  Antkowiak


             Jack Antkowiak: Guitar & Keyboard


              4.) When I Fall : Antkowiak

              Jack Antkowiak: Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards and Drum programming


               5.) The Paths : Antkowiak

                     NOTE: To view the lyrics of the song, click on the music note icon,  just to the right of the volume control.

                     Robert Raithel: Acoustic Guitar.

                 Jack Antkowiak: Vocals, Lead Guitars, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards,                                                        Synths, Bass Guitar & Drum Programming.


                          6.) Netherworld : )   Antkowiak

                 Jack Antkowiak: Guitars, Keyboards, Sequencing,

                                                Drum Programming.

                                                        ALL SONGS:

      RECORDED, MIXED & MASTERED by: Jack Antkowiak

    @ Safe & Sound Communications, Lake View, NY  14085

                            GOTO: CONTACT Page.




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