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Studio Sessions Update


I've completed the recordings for the next Album and I'm making the final structural edits to the songs. 

On one of the songs I have decided to try out lyrics that I'm writing as of this update. This is delaying completion but be that as it may and is sometimes the cost of creation. 

Mixing then mastering is next in my queue. Then I will work on the Meta Data that needs to be embedded into each individual song and the collective Album.......

I'll work on the Cover Artwork and Jackets as free time presents itself during the coming days/weeks: )


Thank you for your patience, support and feedback;





      The recording sessions are progressing smoothly. 

Three of the six songs that I have planned for the Album have been recorded. The other three are in queue for programming, Instrumentation / amplifier setups and record.

       This methodology should help me stay on task until completion of this project, with the majority of my time recording, then mixing and mastering. I'm aiming to have this album released by the winter of 2018 - 19 or before.

        Thank you for your patience and feedback................and

        I'll keep you posted as information becomes available.

         X's & O's,


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